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H.A.M. Luiijf, A.H. Nieuwenhuijs, M.H.A. Klaver:
Analysing Critical Infrastructure Dependencies
in J.Beyerer ‘2nd Future Security Research Conference Karlsruhe’, pp. 295-298
A.H. Nieuwenhuijs, H.A.M. Luiijf, and M.H.A. Klaver:
Modeling Critical Infrastructure Dependencies
Springer - proceedings IFIP 10.11 symposium Washington DC, March 2008
V.Rosato, F.Tiriticco, L.Issacharoff, S. De Porcellinis, R. Setola:
Modelling interdependent infrastructures using interacting dynamical models published in Int. J. Crit. Infrastr., Vol.4 – Issue 1/2 (2008) pp. 63-79

V. Rosato, L. Issacharoff, S. Meloni, D. Caligiore, F. Tiriticco
Is the topology of the Internet network really fit to sustain its function?

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H. Dellwing:
CRIPS: Knowledge based emergency management tool
published in European CIIP Newsletter, Volume 3, Number 2

V. Rosato, S. Bogogna, F. Tiriticco.
Topological properties of high-voltage electrical networks.
Electric Power Systems Research, vol. 77, issue 2.

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Walter Schmitz
Overcoming of CIP obstacles by scenario Management.
European CIIP Newsletter, Volume 2, Number 3, pp. 9 - 13

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K. Peters, L. Buzna, D. Helbing
Modelling of cascading effects and efficient response to desaster spreading in complex networks
published in International Journal of Critical Infrastructures 2008 - Vol.4, No.1/2, pp. 46-62

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U. Beyer, F. Flentge
Towards a Holistic Metamodel for Systems of Critical Infrastructures
Published in CIIP Newsletter No. 5
October/November 2006, Volume 2, Number 3, pp. 6 - 8

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Simonsen, L. Buzna, K. Peters, S. Bornholdt, D. Helbing.
Stationary network load models underestimate vulnerability to cascading failures.
Physical Review Letters, 100, 218701

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Publications:  11 -  20  of  29   Pages:  1  2  3