Subproject 3: Development, integration, testing and validation of MIT components

Starting with the knowledge gained from Subproject 1 and 2, MIT components will be developed in this subproject. These MIT components will interface existing systems and will not require major replacement of existing hardware or software. There are two kinds of MIT components: MIT communication components to enhance the communication between various infrastructures and infrastructure providers and MIT add-on components with some kind of build-in “intelligence”. The add-on components will monitor data flowing within and between the infrastructures and raise alarm in case of intrusions or emergencies and take measures to avoid cascading effects. They will be able to detect anomalies, filter alarms according to their relevance and support recovery actions and will thus contribute to the security and dependability of CIs

To develop high-quality MIT components, Subproject 3 will:

  • Evaluate and assess various MIT concepts
  • Implement scenarios into the SimCIP simulation environment
  • Develop MIT communication and add-on components
  • Integrate, test and validate the implemented MIT components for the defined scenarios within SimCIP
  • Evaluate MIT components within SimCIP in order to verify and improve their capabilities
  • Establish international cooperation by conferences and well-defined benchmarks