The IRRIIS consortium offers a wide range of publications about the project's approach and results.

These are:

Promotion Material as project and workshop flyers, brochures
IRRIIS Publications

IRRIIS in Press
Public available project deliverables
Presentations on IRRIIS events
Presentations on conferences

Some of the documents are available for download - for others only summaries are published. Please contact the coordinator Dr. Rüdiger Klein for further details.

Publications may contain links to external web sites. We would like to point that we have no way of influencing the practices of other providers with respect to data protection, nor do we carry out any checks to ensure that they conform to the relevant legislation.

The IRRIIS team is very much interested in getting your feedback on the project work. So comments on published results are highly appreciated. Please contact the author directly if possible or the coordinator Dr. Rüdiger Klein.