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To analyse and understand the (inter) dependencies of large complex critical infrastructures the provision of scenarios is essential whereas the success of research experimentation and prototype testing depends to a high extent on the quality of the used scenario data and models.


The IRRIIS scenarios will be used for:

  • providing data for simulation, i.e. SimCIP and the models implemented on it as the three components SimCIP, models and corresponding scenarios represent the testing platform for MIT
  • role gaming or table top exercises for human training purposes
  • studying LCCIs and conduction of interdependency analysis
  • enabling the automatically reuse of scenarios


To support these purposes the IRRIIS consortium provides a set of knowledge bases. As they are not publicly available please contact the leading developing partner for further information.

CI Failure database/TNO
TNO has developed a database describing time, duration, dependencies, consequences and recovery of disruptions in CI like energy (power, gas, oil), telecommunication (fixed, mobile, internet, satcom, navigation), transport, health, etc. The collected data about CI incidents and near misses, currently over 2000 incidents, have been used for threat and vulnerability assessment and scenario description in the WP 1.2 and WP 2.2. deliverables. Collecting outage data is a permanent TNO activity with the aim of establishing a knowledge base on all CI as basis for future threat analysis and scenario development.
Contact: Mr. Eric Luiijf, TNO

CI Failure database/IABG
IABG has produced a first release of a web accessible database for collecting outage and failure data. The collected cases have been provided and assessed by the consortium members and are mainly based on media reports in newspapers and the internet. Collecting outage data is a permanent activity within IRRIIS with the aim of establishing a knowledge base which can be the source for further analysis.
Contact: Mr. Stefan Geretshuber, IABG

IRRIIS scenario database
IABG has developed a prototype of a digitised scenario database for role-playing games which can be played interactively (game) or as tabletop exercises. Building blocks of the scenario database are geography, infrastructure topologies, weather, threats, event chains, population density per area, economic and social importance per area.
Contact: Mr. Stefan Geretshuber, IABG

To support scenario building a comprehensive collection of data of the included power and telecommunication infrastructure is provided by the involved operator within the consortium

Power Network Data: Mr. E. Zendri, ACEA
TelCo Network Data: Mr. Roberto Clemente, Telecom Italia