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Leontief Based Simulation

The Leontief Based Simulation (LBS) Tool is a simulation tool in particular meant for researcher for studying the interdependencies of critical infrastructures. The critical infrastructures are represented as nodes of a network and their interconnections are represented as arcs of that network. The tool is based on the Leontief Input-Output Model where the inoperability of the system of systems is analysed. The dependency of the sub-networks on one another is expressed through Leontief technical coefficients showing to what extent each system needs the goods and services of the others. The LBS tool displays in graphical form the propagation of disturbances among the subsystems, indicating the points where some measures can be taken to turn the network back to equilibrium.

Leontief Based Simulation Tool
The tool is web-based and has been developed for windows platforms. Can be integrated in other simulation environments or used as a stand-alone tool. The tool can be accessed through:
• The NAT platform site at:
IMAGE, Project funded by ENEA
• Or directly at:
These web-sites also provide for the documentation of the tool.

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