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Deliverable D1.2.1.pdf
Deliverable D1.2.1 – Report of the Scenario Analysis
Deliverable D1.3.1.pdf
Deliverable D1.3.1 - Catalogue of Requirements for SimCIP
Deliverable D 1.3.2.pdf
Deliverable D1.3.2 - List of available and suitable simulation components
Deliverable D1.4.2.pdf
Deliverable D1.4.2 - Report on Workshop WS 1.4 Results
Deliverable D2.1.1.pdf
Deliverable D2.1.1 - Intermediate report on LCCI topology and vulnerability assessment
Deliverable D2.1.2.pdf
Deliverable D2.1.2 - Final report on analysis and modelling of LCCI topology, vulnerability and decentralised recovery strategies
More information about the following Deliverables (2.1.3[1] - 2.1.3[9]) can be found in the Results section

Deliverable D2.1.3[1] - A Complex System's View of Critical Infrastructures

Deliverable D2.1.3[2] - Is the Topology of the Internet Network fit to perform its Functions

Deliverable D2.1.3[3] - Modeling Interdependent Infrastructures using interacting dynamic Models
Deliverable D2.1.3[4] - Influence of the Topology on the Power Flux of the Italian High-Voltage Electrical Network
Deliverable D2.1.3[5] - A tool for network reliability analysis
Deliverable D2.1.3[6] - Efficient Response to cascading Disaster Spreading
Deliverable D2.1.3[7] - Stationary Network Load Models Underestimate Vulnerability to cascading Failures
Deliverable D2.1.3[8] - Modelling of cascading Effects and efficient Response to Disaster spreading in Complex Networks

Deliverable D2.1.3[9] - Optimized Response to cascading Failures in Complex Networks

Deliverable D2.2.1.pdf
Deliverable D2.2.1 - Report on interdependency taxonomy
Deliverable D2.2.2.pdf
Deliverable D2.2.2 - Tools and techniques for interdependency analysis
Deliverable D2.2.3.pdf
Deliverable D2.2.3 - Overview on Bio-inspired operation strategies
Deliverable D2.2.4.pdf
Deliverable D2.2.4 Report on service oriented interdependency analysis
Deliverable D2.2.5.pdf
Deliverable D2.2.5 - Provision of Prototype "Leontief-Based Tool"
Deliverable D 3.6.1.pdf
Deliverable D3.6.1 International Benchmarks for at least two LCCI
Deliverable D 4.3.1a.pdf
Deliverable D 4.3.1a IRRIIS Website Documentation
Deliverable D 4.3.1b.pdf
Deliverable D 4.3.1b IRRIIS Website Documentation
Deliverable D 4.3.1c.pdf
Deliverable D 4.3.1c IRRIIS Website Documentation
Deliverable D 4.3.1d.pdf
Deliverable D 4.3.1d IRRIIS Website for Publication of IRRIIS Results
Deliverable D 4.3.1e.pdf
Deliverable D 4.3.1e Web Site for Publication of IRRIIS Results Update
Deliverable D4.4.5.pdf
Deliverable D4.4.5 - Project Presentation