Subproject 2: Requirements Analysis and Technology Development

Basic research is necessary to understand the phenomena of interdependency, dynamic behaviour and cascading effects in order to support the development of solutions for protecting and managing existing CIs in case of incidents. Subproject 2 will perform in-depth research regarding the topological structure of CIs and the interdependencies between different CIs. Appropriate analytical approaches will be applied such as simulation models or analytical models suitable to investigate interdependency, network dynamics and cascading effects. To enhance the understanding the SimCIP simulation environment will be build. The detailed analysis of CIs’ interdependencies helps to design MIT components which are able to identify and evaluate incidents and malicious attacks and respond properly.

Especially, Subproject 2 will:

  • Perform in-depth topological analysis of CIs
  • Analyse the interdependency between different CIs
  • Design and develop the synthetic simulation environment SimCIP
  • Develop an appropriate architecture for MIT components
  • Analyse the upcoming Next Generation Networks (NGN), i.e. networks based on IP connectivity or wireless connections with mainly software based services