Subproject 1: Knowledge Elicitation and Requirements

Up till now there is a lack of advanced understanding of  CIs dependability and interdependency particularly with regard to the use of ICT. Although some models and tools dealing with these issues exist, CI complexity and criticality cannot yet be tackled properly.

The main objective of this subproject is to achieve an advanced understanding of CI dependability, survivability and especially interdependency problems. From this advanced understanding a sound set of public and private sector requirements can be determined which will build the basis for the development of the SimCIP simulation environment and the MIT components in the other subprojects.

Subproject 1 contributes to the IRRIIS project by:

  • Surveying CI stakeholder’s requirements on technology and tools needed for understanding and mitigating cascading effects
  • Surveying and analysing existing tools and models
  • Analysing current research gaps to identify relevant research and development efforts
  • Providing detailed scenario and risk analysis