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ISE Implementation-Service-Effect Metamodel
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Implementation-Service-Effect Metamodel

The ISE model was developed within the scope of the IRRIIS project to describe dependencies between critical infrastructures at different levels and to relate these levels to each other. It provides the right abstractions needed for risk management while not neglecting the technical basis. By focussing on the services exchanged between critical infrastructures it is possible to bridge the gap between the engineering and the business view on critical infrastructures.

Implementation-Service-Effect Metamodel

An ISE model consists of three layers: the implementation, the service and the effect layer. Dependencies are described between the elements on each layer. Services are based on implementation elements (technical equipment, technical subsystems, humans, procedures, etc.). The successful or unsuccessful delivery of services has certain effects which are described at the effect layer. The SimCIP simulation environment will be based on the ISE modelling approach. More information on ISE