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Information Model

The Implementation-Service-Effect (ISE) Model developed by Fraunhofer IAIS provides a framework for modelling and analysis of systems of dependent critical infrastructures. Companies can understand and analyse the effects of dependencies between services or technical equipment provided by other companies.The Information Model extends this ISE approach by including additional layers and modes.Target groups are scientific researches but also infrastructure providers.

Three Layers of the IRRIIS Information Model
Three Layers if the IRRIIS Information Model



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Uwe Beyer, Felix Flentge
Towards a Holistic Metamodel for Systems of Critical Infrastructures
perliminary version - to appear in ECN CIIP newsletter oct/nov 2006

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R. Klein, E. Rome, C. Beyel, R. Linnemann, W. Reinhardt
Information Modelling and Simulation in large interdependent Critical Infrastructures in IRRIIS

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Mr. Rüdiger Klein, Fraunhofer IAIS