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Network Analysis Tool

The NAT Package

NAT is a package for the analysis of topological parameters of a graph. It has been conceived and realized to apply ideas and methods of Complexity Science in the area of the analysis of Large Complex Critical Infrastructures (LCCI). Each LCCI can be ultimately represented by a network containing the logical position of its different constitutive elements, connected through (logical or physical) links. Networks can be subsequently mapped onto graphs which constitute the ultimate, and more abstract, layout of a technological infrastructure, where only the mathematical structure of its constitutive elements and their connections are kept. Graphs can be thus analyzed by methods typical of the Graph's Theory; the final goal is to estimate relevant network's properties from the analysis of the associated graph and thus to gain insights on the effective properties of the "real" technological network represented by the graph.

As no appropriate tools for the topological analysis of a network are currently available, particularly focussing large and complex network resulting from the mapping of the structure of a critical infrastructure NAT provides a new approach for vulnerability analysis for network analysers and designers.

NAT Database

A variety of files describing relevant networks and the relative results obtained by performing NAT analysis are reported in a proper section of this web site. Register users could download those network files or could directly get the relative NAT results.

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NAT - Network Analysis Tool, project funded by IRRIIS and realized by ENEA

V. Rosato, L. Issacharoff, S. Meloni, D. Caligiore, F. Tiriticco
Is the topology of the Internet network really fit to sustain its function?

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