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IRRIIS Interest Group

The IRRIIS consortium established an Interest Group consisting of experts from industry, governmental institutions and research interested in IRRIIS results and products.

We invite you to become a member of the IRRIIS Interest Group.

Who should participate?

Our invitation addresses in particular:

  • representatives from operators of critical infrastructures
  • technology developers and providers
  • researchers, working in the field of critical infrastructure protection

Your benefits

The project IRRIIS explicitly follows up an approach focused on stakeholders’ requirements.

Being member of the IRRIIS Interest Group your have the unique chance to express your specific needs to influence the development of

  • MIT components for facilitating communication between infrastructures and enhancing security
  • the simulation environment – SimCIP

The project team will keep you constantly up-to date on the project results. That gives you the opportunity to participate in the innovation process to increase dependability, survivability and resilience of critical infrastructures.

To join the IRRIIS Interest Group please contact Dr. Rüdiger Klein.