Workshop - Third International Public IRRIIS Workshop and Cooperation Meeting with related projects
Third International Public IRRIIS Workshop for scenario verification and Cooperation Meeting with related projects
05.09.2007 - 06.09.2007
Adenauerallee 9 53111 Bonn, Germany

Target of the workshop

MIT components will be subject of experimentation to verify and improve their capabilities and applicability in various scenarios, which are implemented into SimCIP, in close vicinity to energy providers, to achieve the closest possible link between real life operations and simulation. Therefore SimCIP will be installed at stakeholder places in Germany, Italy and Spain and will be customized with different layered models of the selected infrastructures and with different interdependency - related scenarios according to the application environment of the selected stakeholder. The objectives of the Third Public IRRIIS workshop were to disseminate draft of scenarios and of experiment guidelines, to verify scenarios, experiment guidelines, and to prepare experiments with stakeholders.

Who participated?

The interactive workshop addressed:

  • Representatives from operators of Large Complex Critical Infrastructures in particular from the telecommunication and energy supply sectors
  • Technology developers and providers
  • Researchers, working in the field of critical (information) infrastructure protection


Presentation of EU Project IRRIIS focus, proceeding and expected results
CI dependencies, threats and vulnerability analysis
MIT - A tool to facilitate data exchange between LCCIs
IRRIIS Scenario Architecture - scenario understanding, scenario architecture and scenario database