Subproject 4: Rollout & Exploitation

In order to have a maximum impact, IRRIIS results and products will be demonstrated widely to a broad range of potentially interested parties. The SimCIP simulation environments will be installed at different places and the usefulness of the developed MIT components will be shown. CI stakeholders (technology and service providers, CI operators) and the international research community will be addressed and involved in IRRIIS to ensure the quality and applicability of the IRRIIS outcomes. Dissemination strategies will be developed and IRRIIS results will be communicated to a broad audience.

To foster the dissemination of IRRIIS results and products, Subproject 4 includes:

  • Demonstration of IRRIIS experiments and MIT components using the SimCIP simulation environment
  • Training of CI stakeholders to use the SimCIPsimulation environment
  • Promotion of exploitation of the IRRIIS results
  • Dissemination of the IRRIIS results
  • Considering the needs of potential users and CI stakeholders