Conference - ITCIP/CRITIS 2007 Conference
Information Technology for Critical Infrastructure Protection
03.10.2007 - 05.10.2007
Malaga, Spain


ITCIP has been joined with CRITIS '07, the 2nd International Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures Security.



ITCIP and CRITIS have similar scopes and targeted audiences. The original conference dates were just one month apart. ITCIP and CRITIS have decided to join forces and merge both events, concentrating relevant quality presentations in one event. The joint event is expected to attract an even larger audience and thus to enable more exchange and better dissemination.


Original scope of ITCIP

ITCIP 2007 (Information Technology for Critical Infrastructure Protection) is the first conference of an annual series of conferences related to critical infrastructure protection. The conference is organised within the frame of the European Union funded project IRRIIS (Integrated Risk Reduction of Information-based Infrastructure Systems). ITCIP 2007 especially addresses dependencies between infrastructures in critical sectors, across different sectors, and across national borders. One of the main topics is the use of Information and Communication Technology to enhance dependability, security and resilience of critical infrastructures. This involves the whole range of topics related to critical infrastructure protection from analysis, modelling and simulation up to specific technical solutions.


ITCIP 2007 seeks to attract researchers, professionals and practitioners from all kinds of critical infrastructures with a special focus on telecommunication and electricity. The aim is to find the right balance between scientific research and practicable industrial solutions. The conference will host attractive invited talks, present high-quality, peer-reviewed papers and arrange international workshops dealing with current research questions.