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Selected european/international activities related to IRRIIS:

  • CI²RCO
    CI²RCO is an European coordination Action on Critical Information Infrastructure Research Co-ordination with the main objectives
    • Create and coordinate a European taskforce to encourage a coordinated Europe-wide approach for Research and Development on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP)
    • Establish a European Research Area (ERA) on CIIP as part of the larger Information Society Technologies (IST) Strategic Objective to integrate and strengthen the ERA on Dependability and Security.

    The CRUTIAL project, addresses new networked ICT systems for the management of the electric power grid, in which artefacts controlling the physical process of electricity transportation need to be connected with information infrastructures, through corporate networks (intranets), which are in turn connected to the Internet.
    CRUTIAL’s innovative approach resides in modelling interdependent infrastructures taking into account the multiple dimensions of interdependencies, and attempting at casting them into new architectural patterns, resilient to both accidental failures and malicious attacks.

    DESEREC is an Integrated Project of the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union in the thematic area "Information Society Technologies", subprogramme area "Towards a global dependability and security framework". DESEREC defines a framework with the goal to increase the dependability of existing and new networked Information Systems by means of an architecture based on modelling & simulation, fast reconfiguration with priority to critical activities and incident detection and quick containment.

  • GRID
    A coordination Action on ICT vulnerabilities of power systems and the relevant defence methodologies. GRID wants to achieve consensus among stakeholders on the key issues involved by power systems vulnerabilities, in view of the challenges driven by the transformation of the European power infrastructure.
    The main outcome of GRID will be a Road Map for future collaborative research within the 7th framework programme.