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MIT add-on: Risk Estimator (RE)
RE is a MIT add-on component aimed to evaluate the risk level of degradation/outage of services that are critical for the mission of interconnected foreign infrastructures. For the realisation of such function RE MIT add-on component “correlates” the information about the status of the processes acquired from the local TEFS MIT components together with the analogue information acquired from the MIT systems of the foreign infrastructures. The RE diagnostic process will be formalised using a fuzzy oriented rule base mechanism; in the final version this process may be also supported also by the indication furnished by the IKA addon components, but in the initial prototypical version only information acquired by local TEFS and remote MIT systems will be considered. The exploitation of RE will start during the second half of 2008, after that the MIT system experimentation will be conducted into SimCIP environment.

Mr. Mario Schembri, AIS, Malta